Working at Smudge means joining a team of people with a common purpose

Working at Smudge

Creative Freedom
In a small creative agency, employees often have more creative freedom and autonomy to work on projects they are passionate about. This can lead to a more fulfilling work experience and a stronger sense of ownership over their work.

Crazy learning
Every Saturday, we ditch our desks and dive into thrilling activities like painting, clay molding, Our Weekly meet-ups give the team regular opportunities to share the latest tips and tricks with the rest of the studio.

Balance 101
We work hard without sacrificing balance. No long hours or weekend work. Paternity leave in an agency? You got it. Plus, we close shop for the last week of the year to make the holidays merry indeed!

Smudge Social
This is our version of PJ parties, pot lucks, coffee mornings, laser tags, pottery and the list goes on. We know well, how to chill in Chennai.

Annual Getaways
Our team-building excursions take us to some of the most stunning natural landscapes, allowing us to grow closer and recharge our batteries.

Pay right and on time
We're not just on time, we're like a Swiss watch! We pay our team fairly and on time, every time. It's just how we roll.

Make an impact
Big ripples, small agency. At our creative hub, your work matters and your efforts make a difference. See the results firsthand and feel rewarded by the impact you're making. Get ready to make waves and join us in creating something truly special!

As a group, we're constantly learning new skills, evolving our craft and ever-adapting to partnering with new clients in new sectors.