Naming, and brand identity for a new, pet online brand in India


We embarked on a creative journey to define Petsy's brand identity, starting with in-depth research to understand the Indian pet market and its audience. Our mission was to craft a fun, distinct brand that stands out online. From logo design to visual language, typography, communication design, packaging, website, and social media templates, every element was meticulously developed. Our approach ensured that Petsy's vibrant personality shone through, resonating with pet lovers and creating a memorable brand presence.


To create a fun and distinct brand identity for Petsy that stands out in the Indian online market and resonates with pet owners.


The newly designed brand identity for Petsy led to a 40% increase in online engagement and a 25% boost in conversion rates within the first three months post-launch. Petsy saw heightened brand recognition and increased user satisfaction, signaling a positive shift in brand perception and a strong foothold in the competitive online market.

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