CareerX Program

We love inspiring and nurturing the next generation of designers and marketers.

Last week was a whirlwind of creativity at Smudge Design as we welcomed a group of eager students from the American School of Chennai. These young minds, handpicked for their interest in design, joined us for the Career X program—a week-long adventure into the world of design.

A Peek into Our Creative World

Imagine stepping into a studio buzzing with ideas, colors, and innovation. That’s what our Career X students experienced. They explored everything from the theory of design to hands-on workshops, diving into photography, digital media, and brand building. It was a crash course in creativity, and they soaked up every moment.

Mutual Inspiration

Hosting these students was as enlightening for us as it was for them. It was our first time having school students for such an intensive short program, and their enthusiasm was contagious. Sharing our passion and watching them discover the magic of design was incredibly rewarding.

Why Career Programs Matter

Career programs like Career X are more than just educational—they're inspirational. They give students a real-world glimpse into different professions, helping them understand what they might want to pursue. For those interested in design, it’s a chance to see the creativity and hard work that goes into every project.

Reflecting on the Week

Our time with the American School of Chennai students highlighted the importance of nurturing young talent. It’s crucial to inspire the next generation of designers and show them the endless possibilities within the creative industry.

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