World  Junior Squash Championships 2018

Concept / Design / Logo / Illustration / Branding / Outdoor

We designed the Brand Identity and graphics for the WSF World Junior Squash Championships 2018 organised by the Squash Rackets Federation of India held at Express Avenue Mall in Chennai from 18th to 29th July 2018. The Logo for the ‘WSF World Junior Championships 2018, Chennai’ is inspired by two elements… the traditional South Indian ‘Kolam’ and the spirit of the game! Chennai is a historical city known for its tradition and heritage. One aspect of the South Indian culture is the practice of drawing Kolam in front of households at dawn or at dusk.

A pattern drawn using rice powder, the Kolam is considered an auspicious sign signalling prosperity. The Logo interestingly brings together the universality of the game Squash,
with a regional significance, to create a property that is fresh, interesting and at the same time ‘relevant’.

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