Handcrafted Ayurveda

Design / Illustration / Packaging

Their tagline sums it up neatly – ‘Handcrafted Exotic Ayurveda’. Jullaaha offers a range of indigenously produced merchandise – clothing and handicrafts that incorporate dying Indian techniques such as Batik, Kalamkari, fine needlework, and more. All made by underprivileged woman who would otherwise have no means of earning a steady living.

Smudge was tasked with designing the packaging for their range of handmade, ayurvedic soaps.

We found our inspiration in Jullaaha’s other offerings. The packaging (for the individual items as well as the ‘premium collection pack’) replicated various textile arts – batik, hand block printing and Kalamkari work. The earthy tones and intricate art work reinforcing Jullaaha’s allegiance to the Indian traditions, which are often lost in the sea of corporate consumerism.

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