India product brochure

Design / Illustration / Print

Footprint Holidays is a full-service, luxury travel company offering immersive holidays, across over 100 destinations. The company prides itself on its ability to give its clientele the real flavour of every place, without the bother of the mundane details.

Smudge was commissioned to design a brochure to present Footprints Holidays’ various Indian packages.

India is a land of vast diversity – in landscape, language and traditions. A common thread is her rich tradition of weaving – which we used in the creation of the brochure. Highlighting the places to visit and the sights to see, and it also wove in a little background about the fabrics of each area. With nifty illustrations, stunning photographs, and just enough detail to make the reader come back for more (literally), it captured India, without giving too much away.

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