About us

Free flowing & fun

Smudge was started to respond to clients in a better way and produce outstanding creatives without the usual hand wringing and agonising. We’re not hemmed in by lines or boxes.This culture ensures our team of communicators excel at crafting unique, meaningful & fresh brand experiences.

Some of us design; some code, some are visual artists, some are artists at working the phones & accounts. Most of us write. We back each other up more often than our devices, so your work gets done smoothly and on time. All of which translates into business growth and engaged customers.Work is top of mind and soul for us. In it, we find our joy, our fun and our reason to get up and shower each morning. There is always something exciting to be done and an equally thrilling way to do it.

The average Smudge retainer includes respect, trust, dedication and an inviolable practice of working hand in hand with clients at every stage. The result – effective brand communication, long term clients & happiness all around.

No lines, really.

Our physical location is just a marker (though our city just made it to the top 10 in the world).
We service clients across zip codes. A good vibe and timely payment are all that matter.

What we expect

As an agency that pretty much puts its work ahead of everything else, we have E.X.P.E.C.T.A.T.I.O.N.S. We’re partners in making your business succeed and we need to be respected and paid for our time, effort and results. And since we’re on the subject, we don’t do free pitches or enter into exclusivity clauses (unless the carrot is enormous enough).

 We develop brand systems, including visual identities, consumer packaging, digital experiences and physical environments. Our designs bring ideas to life, transform brands and help businesses grow and evolve.